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Marine Conservation of the Mediterranean

Master Yachts is proud to support Asociacion Ondine in the fight to protect the Mediterranean waters.

They have just released a short movie about their work, A Ray of Light II , sequel to the internationally acclaimed short film, “A Ray of Light,” released in 2012.

Watch it here

About the movie:

Two years have passed since the world was introduced to an unknown conservationist, Brad Robertson, who was struggling against the odds to build ambitious conservation projects in his new home, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, thousands of miles away from his native home of Australia.

Suddenly, thrust into the local limelight, Brad went from being a Dive Instructor with a dream to develop sustainable community conservation projects, to TV appearances, magazine and media interviews and becoming the face of Balearic Marine Conservation. Support came in from around the world, including donations to help build his Conservation based Non-Profit Organisation, Asociacion Ondine.

However, with the increased public profile and growth of his ambitions, came greater responsibilities and pressures in both his professional and personal life.

A Ray of Light II details how life has changed for Brad and follows Asociacion Ondine on their most ambitious undertaking yet, a two day Stingray tagging expedition with a passionate team of volunteers battling fatigue and personal challenges both physical and emotional.

A Ray of Light II is an honest, raw and at times emotional look deep into the reality of life on the front lines of conservation amongst the people who sacrifice much of what you take for granted, all to try and make their small part of the world, a better place for everyone

Learn more about Asociacion Ondine

Watch “A Ray of Light”

Behind the Scenes of A Ray of Light II – Part 1

Behind the Scenes of A Ray of Light II – Part 2


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